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August 2019 program 
4 steps too often over-looked in the fight against chronic fatigue
When I survey my readers to find out what topics they want me to deal with, fatigue is a theme that comes up very often. I think for many, that's what prevents them from moving forward and having the life they deserve ...
Unfortunately, there is no magic oil against chronic fatigue.
On the other hand, I am going to give you here the means to identify causes of that have been hidden from you: these will give you new avenues to choose from to find your energy.
In this webinar you’ll discover
what happens when you do not have any of the usual causes of chronic fatigue,
9 important causes of chronic fatigue that you may investigate yourself
and some aromatic protocoles that allow you to act on your own against real causes of fatigue and
give yourself chances to rebalance yourself as often as you need it.

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics: learn what will keep you safe from it
Aug 13, 2019 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
This is a topic that everyone should be aware of today.... but not everyone knows the solution that can be delivered with the holistic use of essential oils. Even though it can be very tricky to fight a super-bug, at least we can act now in order to become less vulnerable to a possible bacterial resistance to antibiotics. This is what this presentation is about: To teach you the right moves, with the right tools, so you won't become one of the 10 million deaths expected by 2050.
Aging : how to not make an illness out of it
Aug 20, 2019 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
There are countries where the elderly are revered and respected. And then there are others... those for whom, when you are no longer productive, you’re officially worthless. I may be a little abrupt in my judgment, but it is an impression that was reported to me by an almost 80 year old woman: my mother.
Compared to other women her age she is a young girl: she does not take any medication and has managed to keep her dancing body, despite a little arthritis.
Everything seems to be going better with her compared to most of the same age... And most importantly, she does not consult regular doctors.
On the other hand, she recently suffered a whiplash accident which damaged her cervical spine. Since then, she has been forced to go to the hospital to do scans, and that's when she discovers how seniors are treated. I do not dare to dwell here on what comes to mind, but one thing is certain: they are not treated adults.
On the other hand, what amuses me a bit is that radiology technicians and other specialists are not going to have an easy time with her.
This little story made me want to talk to you, whether you're already a senior or future senior, because, lest I remind you that we can reasonably admit that we will all be seniors, one day.
And the way we'll all age will really depend on what we think we deserve: to die healthy or sick.

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