Chloé Ellert
Daughter and voice of Cécile for the
English speaking blogosphere

Hi, my name is Chloé Ellert and I'm not an aromatherapist like my mother, but I am her voice in English so her message can be heard by you and those who don't speak French. 

I do my best to maintain what I think is a somewhat ethical and balanced way of life. With my mother's work, she is offering me a way to share and talk about what I do to maintain a lifestyle I feel has made me feel better, and doesn't have a negative impact on our planet. For instance, I have recently discovered a brand that created a zero waste toothpaste product, which is very important product characteristic, especially in today's political and literal climat issues. Not only is this product zero waste, but it also has no harmful chemicals and uses healthy, natural, non-toxic substances: most notably charcoal, which is a great advantage to gum and teeth health (mouth microbiome). Zero waste deodorant? It exists as well, and also doesn't carry any toxic or chemical products, and assured 100% vegan and animal cruelty free. The new trend today (it's about time), is to migrate from our traditional lifestyle products, and adapting to ones that are zero waste, non-toxic, vegan etc (aka responsible products and lifestyle choices)... to control what you put in your body and in the environment is something to pay attention to, as all these wonderful alternatives are popping up on the market. Even products with essential oils! Reusable, non-toxic, natural, no side effects... sounds good right? It's not that hard, trust me! 

As for me the last time I went to the doctors for anything was maybe 4 years ago when I had a bacterial ear infection... What? Madness! No it's not, but quite simply I've learned to supplement my medical needs with essential oils, a good diet and Chinese medicine, as prescribed by my mother. Over the years I've become independent in my essential oil use, (they are my tools): I know how to keep myself out of trouble and act in preventive mesures. I'm not using oils because my mother told me so, I'm using them because I know that they work. Essential oils are the reason I survived college during flu seasons and wasn't sick once during my years on campus... except for the odd food poisoning, which was remedied by oils as well. I hope that through this medium I will be able to share what I know about oils, why they've worked for me and how they can be incorporated into your lifestyle. Many of my friends have left the idea that oils were only good to make a room smell pretty, and now understand their healing properties. I am so proud of them!

If my friends can do it, I hope (and know) you can. I would love to show girls my age, or maybe even older that they can have this newfound freedom, but you will only have it through trying. If one day, you see what oils can bring into your lives and if yourselves spread the word to your friends and family, that's truly all I would ask for. 

Pro tip: invest in geranium essential oil... you'll understand when your next period comes along. 

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