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 Holistic Aromatherapist 
CA, APAhad
Here is Chloé. She is my daughter and my voice in English (at least she does have an American accent 😁)
She is the one who handles the translations of what I write in French so you can enjoy my posts in English.

Hi, my name is Cécile Ellert

To give you a better understanding of whom I am and what I do: I am holistic aroma-therapist (a mix of clinical aromatherapy and energetic tools), specialized in physical and emotional detoxification; 

I  represent the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, NAHA, for the state of New Hampshire, where I live. I am in charge of teaching the proper use of essential oils to people who are interested in aromatherapy as a natural way to take care of them.

I am also an author (6 books), speaker (regular on line conferences) and teacher (on line aromatherapy school, AromaPro).
And, I also like to enhance the power of essential oils with cannabis products. Medical cannabis is fascinating and, let's face it, the future of a drug free approach. 

(By the way, you might not know anything about me yet because I'm mostly recognized on the French speaking blogosphere..)

I would like you to keep in mind what motivates me to do what I do on a regular basis, but also what gets under my skin:

How the world we live in today, in the name of “progress” and “health”, is intoxicating millions of people blinded by trust and denial. They are unaware that their physical and emotional suffering are the byproducts of the toxins they breathe, drink, eat and are injected with everyday.

This is what drives me to educate those who, as a last resort, contact me and give me details of their lives: hoping that finally someone could help them, after years of not being heard and not being helped.

What they need is to get their life and health back, with tools they can learn to use safely in their everyday lives. Tools that won't hurt them.

Short story
Since I left France in 1994, I have lived between the United States and China. These two countries have given me the chance to rub shoulders with exceptional teaching therapists: those who taught me everything about balance of the body through the clinical and holistic use of essential oils. Since then, I have helped hundreds of patients, readers, students to see clearly their state of health, their chronic problems, those of their children and parents. They managed to find the source of their problems and finally solve them. Why? Because instead of trying one technique after another, to chain them without getting real results: holistic aromatherapy allows you to associate what makes it possible to identify the cause (s) of your problems, then to respond by approaching physical symptoms as much as emotional pains and energy terrain. Everything is interconnected and indissociable, nothing can be left to chance, simultaneously. That is why I offer you various complementary approaches here, I write books that gather the use of these approaches to enjoy greater consistency.
Imagine as Annick below, finally master effective and simple tools that give you back your freedom.
« "Hello, yes essential oils work! In January 2014 I started an anti-candida diet + the cocktail of essential oils recommended, that I put 2x / j since! the diet is finished since this summer but I pay attention daily to the food, the hygiene of life without taking the cabbage !! I changed some habits and discovered others (such as essential oils) thanks to Cécile and her program ... I have just turned 50 and am in great shape, no more cold, bronchitis .... all this armada of viruses, bacteria, mushrooms is standing at a distance but to tell you everything I do not think about it and appreciate the little everyday things that are available to me and I think that's happiness! It is true that before knowing Cecile I tried to do the best to have a healthy life for the whole family (5 children) but since I met her I know I'm on the right track and she explain things so well that it's obvious! you just have to want to ... and follow his advice! Thank you Cecile! "

Lets meet and talk about you!

A question about essential oils or cannabis? A doubt about how to apply it, which dosage, where, on whom, with what? 
Each month I offer 5 free consultations of 20 mn. Click here to tell me what happens to you...
Try and be lucky...it would be the start of something new in your life...

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