Finally! 4 videos that make holistic aromatherapy 
easier than ever to experiment 
4 classes that cover  the freedom and safety of essential oils 
First created in French for Cécile's french speaking public, AromaPro Mini is finally available in English ! We hope you'll like it too...
These classes are designed to make the safety of essential oils very simple to understand, efficient enough to give you as much freedom as possible in your everyday uses. 
Our goal is that you do not simply replace common drugs with your oils, but that you experience their strength and versatility in your life, for your life. 
The holistic approach of aromatherapy,  with its large dilution rules, allows a variety and security of action that isn't usually associated with essential oils. 
More so, it is through these dilutions that we are able to reach deep emotional wounds in which physical weaknesses take up roots. You are about to access a true holistic action! Do not wait and experiment it now!
Using Essential Oils
Pregnancy & Delivery
Aromatic remedies
Essential oils safety
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